Flickr app finally arrives on Android

Flickr for AndroidI can’t believe it’s taken so long for Yahoo to produce an official android app for android, when one has been available for iPhone for around two years. Maybe there was some kind of Yahoo being anti-Google policy. After all, there hasn’t been a Delicious app either…but that’s now a moot point.

I wonder whether the app was finally released to deal with Google+ and Facebook’s increased focus on images, or the departure of Carol Bartz?

Nevertheless, it’s great to have the app and it’s “does the job”, albeit there’s nothing new here.

It integrates with the gallery and phone app to allow you to share photos, although you have to upload one at a time rather than in bulk. This seems odd to me especially when most people will want to upload a backlog of photos.

What’s also missing is the ability to upload videos, something you can currently do with Picasa and Google+.

The Flickr app seems to align itself with programs such as Instagram and picplz by allowing you to add effects to photos before uploading them.

It’s a good starter app, even if it is a couple of years late, and hopefully we won’t have to wait as long for the next update. nike air max trainers

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