Samsung Unpacked App – a cool way to support a product launch

With the launch of the next Google Nexus phone imminent, there’s certainly a lot of buzz around the phone (or is it tablet? or both?)

What better way to get people even more excited than to provide an app to support the event?

The execution is pretty simple since the app features:

  • the proposed schedule for the event
  • travel and accommodation info for those attending
  • a sneak peak of the new product (see video below)
  • live streaming of the event

Even more importantly, the app will update with more content as the product is launched…talking about whetting the appetite.

Take note Apple!


POSTSCRIPT: With the event now being delayed, I’m surprised that the app hasn’t been updated to reflect this. It’s still counting down the time until the original deadline tomorrow. cheap nike air max 90 mens

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