Why are we still talking about “hits” ?


On my drive into work this morning I was listening to an interview with the MP Nick Herbert,where he was defending the popularity of the newly updated UK crime maps by quoting the number of “hits” it receives.

I’m all for transparency and really like the initiative, but why are we still talking about hits when they are simply a measure of page elements being called from a server, rather than any kind of measure of popularity? Visits, unique or otherwise, are a much better measure.

I know this can be confusing to the majority of the listeners who won’t be as tech savvy, but on the part of Mr Herbert, it show that he either doesn’t understand the metric, or that he is attempting to mislead. Neither of which is a good nike air max junior

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  1. could not agree more – and after the interview the radio 4 news used the same expression. Hits sshmits. So 1990’s.

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