Who will win the console gaming war?

This week will see the launch of the latest blockbuster installment of the Call Of Duty series – Modern Warfare 3, and it looks set to break all previous records in the gaming, and for that matter the entertainment, world. A tough ask when its main rival, Battlefield 3, has been launched two weeks in advance of it. Indeed, other big titles, such as Mass Effect 3, have been delayed until 2012.

The headlines would suggest that MW3 will be the biggest seller, but I’ve witnessed mounting support in the gaming computer for the more detailed and online focussed, Battlefield 3, so I did a little research.

Looking at the Facebook profiles of the two big games, it seems BF3 has more support than its big budget rival. So digging deeper we see a similar thing with search volumes.

Could search and social media be predicting an upset?

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