Search Awards…the alternative to regulation?

The debate about regulation the search industry has been on-going for many years now, and Judith Lewis puts forward a great case, as she did at this years SAScon event. As a representative it something we’ve struggled with for a while due to a multitude of challenges, including:

  • Agreeing suitable best practices
  • Policing SEO activity
  • The cost of administration
  • What powers would a moderating body hold?
Who is that dashing chap?
Who is that dashing chap?

However, this month’s UK Search Awards gave another perspective on how to keep an industry honest. Rather than simply focus on those that operate outside of what everyone would think to be acceptable, why not focus on recognising those that do Search well? By spotlighting good practices it makes it clearer to differentiate from bad practices, and, aside from the intense judging, is much simpler to administer.

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