Should bookshops become Amazon affiliates?

On holiday in North Wales I visited a lovely bookshop, the same one that inspired this post. We bought a book for my youngest daughter, but nothing for the rest of us since my wife, eldest daughter and I all have ebook readers.

The bookshop missed out on two purchases since we then went on to download books we’d seen in the shop, so why not put QR code stickers on the books that can be downloaded to a kindle?

links to kindle edition of book.

– Customers can then scan the QR code and download the book to their kindle or smartphone.
– The bookshop can use an affiliate link and then make 10% on a sale they would otherwise have lost.
– It also allows the bookshop to highlight publications that are only available in print editions.

The fact that the bookshop actually puts the QR codes on the books makes the scanning of the books with a phone more socially acceptable…I waited until I was out of the shop before searching for the title since I felt a little guilty.

Have you seen this already being done by an independent bookshop? nike air max 1

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  1. Nice Idea. I live a near a large car dealership & see so many customers after hours looking at cars on the forecourt, I’ve often thought why QR codes are not placed on all the cars so that a test drive can be booked or to provide more info on the car. It would also provide valuable insight into which cars are being viewed the most.

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