Tomorrow sees the start of the third year of SAScon!

Jesus, time flies in this industry.

It only seems like yesterday when I was sat in a pub with some fellow Search Marketers from Manchester, bemoaning our constant trips to digital conferences in London. It lead to the classic question:

“How hard would it be to run a large digital conference in Manchester?”

Turns out it was actually quite difficult, given that we all had day jobs and were trying to do this in our non-existent spare time  – how the hell Kelvin Newman manages Brighton SEO so well continues to amaze me!.

SAScon 2010

We quickly got the team at Don’t Panic (great name) on board and the first one-day event finally kicked off in 2010 and the feedback was damn encouraging.

Now a two-day event, tomorrow’s SAScon also move to three streams to incorporate even more great speakers on a wider range of topics.


Plus, bumper ticket sales mean:

a:) There’s even more entertainment at the after-party; and

b:) We might be looking for a bigger venue next year!

We’re kicking-off the event with a “Big Brand ” panel on day one and a keynote from Bruce Daisley from Twitter on day two, while other highlights of the event include a book-signing with Kristjan Mar Hauksson, and the infamous Black Hat SEO panel at the end of day one.

Oh yeah…..and then there’s the Thursday night social:

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