Less blogging more “plusing”

It’s been quite a while since I managed to update my blog, mainly because I’m finding most of my comments making their way onto Google+ these days.

Because there aren’t the character limits of Twitter, and I have Google+ as one of my start-up tabs in chrome, I find it much simpler to drop a short thought, with a link and/or image, onto Google’s social network.

And it’s not just WordPress that I’m neglecting. Since I started using G+, I’m finding a heavy overlap with my Twitter audience and there’s currently less noise on Google’s network. Therefore I can read and circulate as much industry news on G+. To its credit, Twitter will commands a larger more attentive audience so big news breaks faster on that network than any other.

Due to the visual nature of G+, and the fact I use an android phone with smooth photo-sharing options I’m also posting fewer photos onto Flickr. I used to loveĀ  Flickr, but now that it operates linke an island outside of all the other social networks I have little reason to visit it now.

…and then there’s facebook. I tend to limit my facebook contacts to family and friends (loosely defined as people I’ve drunk with) rather than industry peers (there’s obviously some overlap) and those people generally aren’t on Google+ yet, despite being users of Google’s other services. My Dad is one exception.

So…is Google+ a credible network? I definitely think so, but for now it’s still biased towards industry types.

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  1. We experimented with Google+ when it was first launched but haven’t had a great deal of success – for us Twitter is better for engagement but LinkedIn is better for building a professional network. I think Google+ has the best features of both but it’s just hasn’t gained the traction that others have. I would like to see more integration with Chrome and Android to help build it’s user base.

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