AMEX and Xbox get it together

Having already linked my foursquare account with my Amex card, I was surprised to receive an email inviting me to do the same with my Xbox. Sure enough by visiting Amexbox you can associate your American Express card with your Xbox account.

Why would you do this?

Well, for a start I could unlock a £10 credit on my account just for syncing up the accounts:

£10 credit on amexbox

After that there seem to be a variety of other benefits linked to AMEX partners and games publishers. Below you can see how Microsoft Studios are incentivising completion of different missions in Halo 4, including £25 for just completing the opening chapter. That’s pretty generous.

It’s an interesting start and a great way for publishers to promote content and secure loyalty. I wonder when they’ll do the same with the Playstation? nike air max cheap wholesale

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