Google Slides – Now available offline, but still not enterprise worthy

I know this isn’t technically a digital marketing post, but like most marketers I spend a lot of time producing PowerPoint slides.

I’ve played with Prezi (although too many transitions in this format can make your audience sick) and I’m always looking for new ways of presenting.

I’ve wanted to use Google Slides before but you can never be too sure how good the Wi-Fi will be at the conference venue. Thankfully, Google Slides are now available offline if you’re using a Chrome Browser of the Chrome OS.

It’s good progress, but there are still a few things that prevent Google Slides being a true enterprise tool, IMHO.

I’d be keen to see the following improvements in 2013:

  • Ability to upload custom fonts
  • Better theme/template design, including the ability to upload pre-built templates from PowerPoint
  • Mobile editing.

Am I missing the point? Are you using Google Slides?



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