My 5 Essential Google+ communities to join

Back in December Google launched communities for Google Plus and I’ve been experimenting with a few of these over time.

In my opinion it’s key to add the right amount of communities so that you don’t get swamped with lots of social “noise”. Google has tried to limit this by providing the option to control the volume of posts you see from your chosen communities.

community post frequency

Even with this control I found myself leaving a number of large communities because the sheer volume of posts was ridiculous.

Worried about missing something? Don’t be. Google+’s What’s Hot recommendations seems pretty good at flagging important content.

As I result I’ve found the following 5 communities the most helpful for me:

Google Drive and Docs – While Microsoft Office is still the stock software in our agency, we’re using more and more Google Docs for collaboration. This product is developing at a hell of a pace so this community is great to highlight new functionality and providing some great tips & tricks.

Evernote Life – Evernote is possibly the second most important app on my phone, after email itself.

SAScon – alright, as co-founder of the event I have a vested interest here, but it is genuinely a good community, and it’s actually been an interest learning curve managing one of these communities.

State of Search – One of the most comprehensive communities for Search Engine Marketing.

The Verge – …and finely my favourite tech community.

These are obviously just my favourite communities, let me know any better ones in the comments below. cheap air max 95

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