OUYA – The Raspberry Pi of the gaming world

Back in July 2012 I decided to fund what was looking to be an innovative new entrant to the games console market.

kickstarter ouya

I’ve been a casual console (xbox) gamer for years and a big android fan since the launch of the first Nexus phone, so the idea of combining these two technologies seemed perfect to me.

11 months later DHL delivered my backer’s edition of the OUYA so itwas time to try it out…

The device has a lovely design, and it’s amazingly simple to set-up…once you’ve worked out how to add the batteries to the controller.

It’s easy to forget that this is a $99 device at launch

Even the crazy set-up screens are entertaining.

Once you’ve added your wifi details, and the latest updates have been applied, your presented with a very simple home page.

But from here the disappointment begins. You hit the “Discover” screen to download games and apps, but what you’re presented with is a really basic and poor UI. What’s even more disappointing is the small choice of apps and games, that seems to mainly consist of low budget indie games (nothing really wrong there) and console emulators.

Where are the games shown in the Kickstarter page? Shadowgun?

Now let’s be clear, this is the backers edition of the device and it’s early days for the product so I’m pretty sure things will improve over the coming months.

It’s also possible to side-load a variety of Android games & apps, but to the uninitiated (or busy) it’s going to seem like one hell of a task. Also bear in mind that most of these apps have been developed for a 4″ screen so don’t look to great on the bit TV in your lounge.

So, until we see a better dashboard/launcher and a wider selection of high quality games it’s currently not much better than this…

I’m going to leave mine alone for a few weeks in the hope that, when I next turn it on, there will be a whole host of updates that bring the device up the level pitched by its creators. cheap nike air max 97

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