4 things to love about the OUYA

Today sees the retail launch of the hotly anticipated OUYA console.

I’ve talked before about my current disappointment with the device but, to be clear, I think it has great potential. So let’s get positive.

What are the 4 best things to love about the OUYA?

1. It’s really small – especially when compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

2. It’s very easy to set-up. Just plug in a couple of cables and add your wi-fi details, then you’re off.

3. Enthusiastic development community. There’s a lot of support for the this device and OUYA has thousands of developers signed-up to release games for the platform.

4. Public/consumer support.  The original Kickstarter project raised over a million dollars in just over 8 hours. Part of this comes from the trend to have a more DIY approach to tech, as we’ve seen with the success of the Raspberry Pi.

The company then went on to raise a further $15 million of VC funding.

Have you got your hands on one yet? What do you like about the console? air max 95

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