Evernote continues to digitise paper, with Post-It

I’m a big fan of Evernote. Not used it? Well you need to damn well sign-up now!

Earlier in the year I, was tempted into buying the Moleskine/Evernote notebook (with Smart Stickers) as a way of digitising my notes old skool notes.

Yes, i was disappointed to learn that it didn’t work with Android initially, but that’s fixed and it’s water under the bridge. I’ve now got into the habit of photographing my, most illegibly, notes in case a need to refer to them when I don’t have the physical pad with me. [On a separate note, I’m thinking of purchasing a Tile to stick to my notepad since I lose it so often….but, there’s no Android app yet 🙁 ]

Well, today Evernote have gone one step further and announced a rather nifty partnership with 3M to create bespoke Post-It notes, and an app to scan and store them in your Evernote account.


…oh yeah. It’s iOS7 only so far 🙁

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