Why preparing a structure for a roundtable is a waste of time.

Before the SAScon event started last Friday, I had the pleasure of chairing a roundtable with some exceptional individuals from the digital world. You can see a snippet from the session below, and the full version will be published shortly.

Give the early start to the event, and the calibre of the people taking part, I was determined  to undertake some serious preparation for the discussion. This consisted of questioning work colleagues, and fellow SAScon organisers, as well as time day-dreaming in a coffee shop.

The culmination was a long list of topics and potential questions that might kickstart the conversation or re-ignite it if we hit tumbleweed.

How many questions did I end up using?


Yup. Just one.

…and it wasn’t even a good one. I simply started by asking Dane Stanley what he thought his biggest challenge was going to be this year.

Next thing I know we’ve moved through a variety of topics from horsemeat to wearable media, with a number of detours via social media engagement and cross-channel analytics.

I should have known better. Put a smart group of people in a room (excluding me), with a topic they feel strongly about, and good things happen.

Thanks again to the roundtable participants who made it such a enthralling discussion. To hear more of their wisdom I’ve linked to their twitter profiles below:

I can’t wait for my next one. cheap air max 95