Quick takeaways from Google’s Q1 earnings call

Yesterday, Google posted its earnings for the first quarter of 2015.Here are my key takeaways:

  • $1bn negative impact of weak currency
  • 12% YoY growth (versus the same quarter last year)
  • 23% growth on”other revenues” which includes non-search products such as the Google Play store
  • CPCs dropped a substantial 13% YoY, which many commentators have put down to the challenge of monetising mobile clicks. Patrick
  • Pichette took time to expose a little more detail here, suggesting that the cheaper clicks are partly due to the growth in low CPC YouTube ads, which sounds credible.Will video be a more significant area than mobile?
  • The market UK still accounts for a healthy 10% of total revenue.
  • Headcount has increased by around 9,000 YoY to over 55,000

Despite missing analysts expectations, after hours trading saw a good improvement in the share price.

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