“It’s been emotional.”

Now that dust has settled on my exit from Latitude, it’s time to start working on my next chapter.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support and kind words over the last few weeks and, before I close the book on my time at Latitude, I thought I’d indulge myself in a little reverie.

Here’s a [nowhere near exhaustive] list of some of the things I’ll miss about Latitude. I apologise in advance for those that are inside jokes:

  • All of the people. As a former employee was fond of saying –  “Teamwork makes the dreamwork”
  • Winning Awards with great clients
  • Lunchtime Call of Duty – even after years of practice I was never very good.
  • “The Boardoom” at the Saracens Head
  • The “Free Kandy” van
  • Immense Christmas parties – every last one of them. Even the hangovers.
  • ….and the summer parties.
  • The Jaeger trains, that seemed to come out on all occasions.
  • The fake unsubscribe links in This Week at Latitude (TWAL)
  • Creating tremendous teams in Dubai and Kaunas
  • Client meetings that end at sunrise like this


  • MD lunches, that often took up a Friday afternoon.
  • Helen’s truffles
  • Beer O’Clock
  • Mike’s endless collection of one liners.
  • IT on the razz
  • Troughton’s passage
  • Daz’s frighteningly complicated transitions in his WTM presentations.
  • The Gucci tech
  • …that’ll do for now

Thanks for everything Latitude. It’s been emotional 😉

P.S.  somebody should take down the zombie Steve Jobs picture from the ceiling above my old desk.

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