5 Reasons Google should acquire Twitter

There’s been a little buzz recently around the option of Google acquiring Twitter. It’s been rumoured before but would now be the perfect time for a deal. Here’s five reasons it makes sense:

  1. Advertisers need some consolidation and a simplified ad platform that combines Twitter and Google properties is a real winner. The new integration agreement looks like it will go some way towards this. Which also links to….
  2. Attribution. Combining tracking data across the two networks will provide marketers a better view of the engagement funnel.
  3. Twitter excels at real-time news in a way that Google and Facebook just can’t.Whether it’s a world disaster, a political uprising or the birth of a royal baby, people turn to twitter.
  4. Google can better monetise the inventory. OK, the last earnings call suggests they’re experiencing very low CPCs on the YouTube network, but it’s still incremental revenue and their showing QonQ growth. Twitter is really struggling here and potentially seeing a decline in revs.
  5. It’s damn cheap at the moment. The last earnings call (and premature release of the financials) disappointed investors and lead to an 18% drop in value.

TWTR cheap

So, should Google be looking to acquire Twitter?

Is the new integration agreement a “try before we buy” exercise?

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