Why I’m looking forward to judging the US Search Awards again.

us search awardsAs the US Search Awards hits its third year, going from strength to strength, it’s time to wear the judges hat once more. The judging process is a lengthy, involved and pretty time-consuming job, so why am I keen to do it again?

I’ve written before about my preference for awards ceremonies over any industry code of ethics or best practice. In a nutshell, I prefer to see an event that shines a light on great work, rather than one that exposes the negative minority of unethical work.

While some awards suffer the negative perception that award “gongs” for friend and sponsors, I’ve witnessed first hand the intense debating that goes into every decision. It’s an odd feeling to find yourself really arguing the case for an awards submission for a company you’ve had no prior experience of…especially as you’re hitting the fourth hour of the conf call! The US and EU Search awards, have even gone one step further by showing videos of the judges decisions at the evening ceremony. Transparency is essential for awards.

Finally, there is the pleasure of sitting alongside a great selection of judges from different sectors around the world and hearing their views on what matters most in our industry.

Maybe this year I’ll actually make it to Vegas! cheap nike air max 97

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