Well that was a busy week in digital

Catching up on the key digital events from the week? Take a look at these:

  1. It can’t have escaped your attention that Apple Pay launched in the UK on Tuesday to multiple nerdgasms, especially given it allows you to pay for you tube journey. However, the platform hasn’t been without its challenges; What if your phone/apple watch runs out of battery, mid journey and you end up paying a penalty fare for not “tapping out”.

    Apple Pay
    source: Gizmodo
  2. On Wednesday, Amazon tried to rekindle (see what I did there?) The hype of Black Friday with its first Prime Day.Amazon claimed to have seen a larger sales day than black Friday but the social sentiment was pretty grim about the quality of the deals and the bias towards Amazon’s own products. Will we see this as a permanent fixture on the etail calendar?
  3. Manchester Digital announced it’s newly elected council members, including yours truly, nicely timed to coincide with the Summer BBQ…which, alas, I couldn’t attend. Looks like Katie still had fun though!
  4. The same night saw good news for Google as a positive earnings call lead to a HUGE rise in value.https://twitter.com/aleyda/status/622166569771270144
  5. Finally (ok it’s not really digital, but it is my blog!) a first look at the return of The X files, hopefully coming to the UK in January!

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