Adblocking, Google+, bourbon and more – another busy week in digital marketing

As we hit the end of another week, here’s some of the articles worth catching-up on.

The Adblocking debate continued this week –  with The Verge exploring the commercial threat to Google and Facebook, while AdAge sees it as a catalyst for better mobile experiences. I’ll be writing a more thorough piece on this soon.

Google contributes billions to the UK economyNot really sure where to start with this one. For a start, I completely agree that Google employs lots of well paid individuals in the UK, is spending mahoosive amounts of money on property and the company is at the heart of a burgeoning digital economy. However, if Google didn’t exist I’m pretty sure that ecosystem would still be alive and well. Before Google, the likes of Overture and Espotting were delivering huge growth in Search….Google just did it better. For me this exercise is more about defending Google’s position on UK corporation tax.

Programmatic media is a lot like paid search – Okay this is yet another article pleading for the the use of alternative measurement for judging the value of programmatic media, but it’s also another article the highlights the similarities to paid search.

Google+ get’s even less useful – This is getting pretty frustrating now. For years I’ve been a heavy user and advocate of Google+, but the continued removal of features has diminished it’s appeal somewhat. I was optimistic when Collections were unveiled but, this week, it seems the Google has decided to drop G+ pages and reviews from the SERPs. I sure hope there is a strong strategy behind this, rather than death by a thousand cuts for the service.Google SERP

uBirds smart strap will soon be coming to Kickstarter – I’ve written before about the potential for wearable tech, and have also lamented the need to take off my lovely Tissot watch when I want to use Android Wear. Smart straps will hopefully allow us to add some modern tech to classic watched.

Jim Beam and SnapChat – on a lighter note, Beam Suntory has become the first whiskey (note the “e”) to partner with SnapChat as part of their strategy to bring bourbon to “legal drinking age millenials”…but seriously, Apple bourbon?!?!?Jim Beam and Snapchat

Right, time to enjoy the weekend. nike air max junior

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