Data-driven digital, Google Manchester, some new toys – another week in digital

Well it’s certainly been a bit of a Google-fest this week. Let’s have a little reminder of some of the key happenings in digital marketing over the past few days..

Search + Data – A double whammy at the start of the week, saw Google roll-out Customer Match, a more advertiser friendly versions of Remarketing Lists for Search Advertising (RLSA) that relies on uploaded email address rather than a cookie pool. The ability to import email data into search and display campaigns provides an extra level of sophistication to already high performing channels. A new data platform was also unveiled in the US by Merkle, which owns US Search Agency RKG, and recently acquired UK agency Periscopix. Further evidence that Digital Marketing is becoming more data-driven.

The theme continued at the annual Google Manchester event this week, which also explored the theme of micro-moments, the blending of digital, data and creative, plus the role of video and mobile. You can find a summary of the event over at Paul Morris’s blog and the image at the top of this blog is the speed doodle of the event.

New Toys! – The same evening, Google unveiled two new phones (already ordered mine!), two new chromecasts, and one new tablet at their Nexus event.

Beacons providing local data Beacons – Moving away from Google, presence management company (modern name for online directory) Yext, unveiled a fantastic initiative to bridge online and offline marketing activity. “Xone” is program offering free in-store beacons to retailers and SMBs in the US, with the aim of delivering better online re-targeting. While the free provisioning of the tech removes a barrier to adoption for retailers, the focus now moves onto encouraging customer to download the app and keep bluetooth activated for offers.

Will Jack Dorsey return to Twitter as CEO? – well, rumours the suggest so.Unfortunately investors don’t seem to be that impressed with the idea, as the share price slid even further this week.

Maybe they need a little drink to relax….

….so they should pop to one Ballantine’s Digital whisky tasting events, which seem to be making the most of Microsoft Surface tables, we all got excited about a few years ago. cheap air max mens

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