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It’s Friday again so time for another round-up of the digital headlines that caught my eye this week…

Almost in mockery of Facebook’s $2bn acquisition of VR hardware company, Oculus Rift, Google continues to push its low cost competitor, Google Cardboard. At the weekend Google rolled the platform out globally which seems to make the whole thing much more credible to me. If you’ve not played around with the device yet, you can buy one or make your own. Then be sure to read more on Paul Gailey’s excellent blog post.

I’m sure it won’t be long before luxury holiday brands are shipping these out with their brochures. Imagine immersing yourself on a Caribbean beach while sat in freezing cold England on boxing day.

Facebook ShoppingFollowing on from last week’s Google Shopping focus, it seems Facebook now has the shopping feed bug as it announced plans to beef up its e-commerce offerings.It’s great to see a social platform move beyond the rather crude “buy button”, but I’m personally not convinced about this whole walled-garden approach that Facebook is taking.

Sticking with the social networks, it’s been a busy week for Twitter. Following Jack Dorsey’s appointment last week, the guy is taking things slowly. This week we saw the company announce a streamlining of the company as it “parts ways” with 336 employees, mostly from the development team. Jack’s company wide email attracted a lot of attention for its transparency and directness. What do you think of it?

…and a day later they decide they need an extra person, in form of ex-Googler Omid Kordestani, who joins the company as a Executive (read: hands-on) Chairman.

Ad-blocking articles are coming with great frequency and this week’s most notable one involved Germany’s mahoosive publisher Axel Springer blocking content for users who block ads. Seems legit.

Finally, it’s not really digital marketing, but what the hell. HAVE YOU SEEN THE TESLA AUTOPILOT VIDEO?!?!?!?!

You’re welcome. air max 95

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