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As we head into the Q3 period for earnings calls, it’s time to see how each of the key digital players is delivering financially.

This week saw results from Yahoo and Google (more on those in a moment) while next week we’ll hear from Twitter, and Facebook follows on the 4th November.

The Yahoo earnings call was a lackluster affair as the company as the company reported a decline in profits despite a moderate growth in YoY revenues. Marissa Mayer confirmed plans to “narrow the strategy” in the coming months, while announcing a new search partnership with Google to sit alongside its existing Bing relationship. Note, this deal excludes Europe.

Moving on to Google’s Alphabet’s earnings call, there were high expectations, earlier in the week as the share price hit an all time high…


…and when the results were issued just before the conference call, the after-hours trading went crazy…

Google Earnings

…or so it seemed. In reality Alphabet had undertaken a huge share buy back of $5,099,019,513.59 to reduce volume and inflate share price.

Here are the highlights

  • Revenue up 13% YoY
  • Growth in Mobile YouTube and Programmatic advertsing
  • $6 billion cashflow
  • Improve expense management across the group
  • UK still accounts for 10% of total revenue

Facebook SearchTalking search, Facebook just rolled out the ability to search all posts for US users initially This is a continuation of their work with Graph Search, but much, much more usable, and will ultimately provide the ability to monetise search results on their own platform. I don’t imagine this ha got Google worried, just yet since people habitually navigate to Google to perform a search, but I can imagine more local search taking place on Facebook.

I was recently discussing the lack of Polls on Twitter (the functionality has been available on G+ for a year) then, lo and behold, this tweet appears…

IMHO this is going to be absolutely huge for brands and the media, especially if it can be given a promoted tweet status.

More detail are available here, but you might even see it in your app, or browser, by the time you read this.

Finally, Google is rolling our it’s ad free service, YouTube Red, in the US this month. For $9.99 a month users will have an Adfree YouTube, plus the ability to download video for offline viewing. There are also rumours this may include access to Google Play Music, which is currently the same price. I personally like that angle the best… Have a Google Play Music? Get YouTube Red for free. Spotify should be worried.

While it sounds like a good deal for consumers,content creators are not impressed.

Will you be signing up?


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