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A slightly quieter week in the digital marketing world this week (if you exclude all the fuss over Twitter Hearts) but what has been worth reading about?

AAmazon book storefter years of speculation, Amazon finally opened a physical bookstore! It’s fascinating to see how they’re bridging the online and offline experience by including online ratings and prices. I’d hope for some kind of scanning system for ordering kindle versions of the actual books, this early review suggests there’s lots to disappoint within the store.



After great results from Google, and mediocre ones form Twitter, it was Facebook’s turn to announce t’s quarterly earnings. In a nutshell, they’re doing pretty well, but what were the highlights?

  • The user base grew to 1.55bn
  • over 4% QoQ growth in Monthly Active Users (MAUs) – that may not sound huger, but it’s more than double what Twitter is seeing with a lower base.
  • $4.5bn revenue in Q3
  • 8bn daily video views vs 4bn in April
  • Strong Growth in Facebook Groups

Investors ar loving the good news, but are also optimistic about the growth coming through in Facebook’s secondary products: Messenger, Instagram and What’s App.



The wonderful SAScon BETA (a one day sibling of the main SAScon event held in June) returns in less than four weeks, with a vast array of great speakers, keynotes from Vodafone and Twitter, plus an experimental playpen.. Intrigued? Ill see you there.

An ad-clocking ad.Finally, in an ironic twist to the ad-blocking saga, an ad blocking firm bought an ad.

Go figure.

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