Are mobile notifications just noise?

I was catching-up on copies of Robert Scoble’s weekly newsletter (I’d encourage you to sign-up), and was fascinated by his observations on notifications and how they are becoming more abundant, but not necessarily useful. If anything they’re creating even more noise.

According to Jim Borthwick of Betaworks, Right now we are witnessing another round of un-bundlingas the notification screen becomes the primary interface for mobile computing.”

If that’s the case things need to improve.Home page notifications

This week’s US launch of Notify by Facebook, for the iPhone [sigh], suggests the social network giant is keen to embrace the world of notifications, and own the lock screen. Ultimately, it’s little more than a personalised news alerts service, but it allows Facebook to always be your first port of call before you’ve even touched you phone screen.

It’s not just on the smartphone or tablet.GoRoost Notifications

If you own a smartwatch, you’ll be aware that notifications are currently one of the key functions of the device, and GoRoost can send push notifications to Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

If the volume of notifications is to grow we will need more filters to Robert Scoble, that context is the big differentiator here. For example, pause notifications, while I’m driving (when my device is connected to car via bluetooth) or if I’ve checked into a cinema.

Of course, this opens the door for an intelligent notification management app (what Foursquare co-founder Naveen calls an invisible app)  or a bot.

Finally, as the option to push notifications to users becomes more widespread, many brands will be tempted to jump on the bandwagon, but joining that noise could be a negative. Brands need to be responsible and consider whether their message is really that important. nike air max cheap uk mens

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