Easyjet Wearables, 1TB for Google Reviewers, VR in your pocket, App streaming and Google+ reborn – Another Week in Digital

It’s Friday again, so what’s new in digital marketing this week?

In a surprising piece of innovation, Easyjet unveiled Wearable tech uniforms developed in conjunction with Cute Circuit. While still a concept, the digital uniforms sit somewhere between a health and safety aid and a walking billboard.

It’s been a big week for Google, again, with a hat-trick of announcements.Google local guides
Firstly, Google overhauled its Local Guides programme this week, unveiling a new points system to reward Google Maps reviews. One highlight of this is the opportunity to earn 1TB of Google storage, currently worth about £120 a year. only one level to go for me so I’d best do some more lunches!

As Google continues to bring the world of apps into its index, it has announced the rather clever concept of app-streaming. In a nutshell, the process will effectively turn apps into web pages removing the need to download the app. THIS IS A BIG DEAL, and should have profound effects for the optimisation of app content.

Google also pushed back against the naysayers predicting the demise of Google+ by introducing a completely new and updated interface.

The cleaner, responsive design has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the home page size (from circa 22MB down to just over 300KB) and is an impressive feat of engineering, but the cynical would suggest it’s too late to save this channel. Oh, and while they’ve primarily improved the interface, it seems they removed Google Hangouts somewhere along the way. I’ll add that to my growing list of removed features.

So…what do you think of the new look?

New Google Plus interface

Finally, VR, and specifically Google Cardboard, continues to garner support, this time in the form or a rather nifty case/VR holder hybrid – Figment VR.

VR cases

Unfortunately, the initial product will only support the iPhone 6 (and 6s) but hopefully other handsets will be accommodated soon after launch.

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