European search awards, talking to your Volvo, Yahoo! gets smaller, and flying in drones – another week in digital.

As everybody gets back to work at the festive break there’s plenty to catch-up on and with CES taking place this week there are lots of shiny new digital things.

OK, so technically these first two pieces aren’t about marketing, but hell…they interest me and its my blog.

Holly crap, somebody has created a prototype of a single person drone. Yup, that means flying with a pilot’s licence or any of the training!

The search is over - It's a single person drone!

There’s bound to be some regulation that will prohibit this getting off the ground (see what I did there?) but let’s ignore that and just dream a while.

If you looking for some more down to earth tech, than how about talking to your new Volvo SUV via a Microsoft Band? Great f you want to be more like Michael Knight….but would he really drive a Volvo?….or wear a Microsoft Band? I reckon KITT is more Android OS.

This week also saw the European Search Awards open for entries. This year’s event will take place in Paris on …wait for it…May 4th. Bring your light sabers!

If data is your thing, and it’s one of the big differentiators in digital marketing these days, you’ll have been impressed by Oracle’s acquisition of the social bookmarking company AddThis. Oracle will benefit from more publisher data and user intent, putting AddThis in the melting pot with its earlier acquisitions of BlueKai and DataLogix. Smart move.

Twitter set its own network alight by confirming the possibility of a move to a 10,000 character limit.

Most people were not impressed, including investors, who sold an abundance of shares, sending them to an all time low….and I thought I’d bought mine at the low point 🙁

It’s possible the company could simply be sounding out users on the move, and if that’s the case, they’ve received pretty clear feedback.

In less exciting news, the much maligned search giant Yahoo! is apparently about to announce that headcount will be slimmed down by another 1,000 employees – a 10% reduction. Maybe this will be the last round?

Downer. Where do we go from there? To a vagina speaker of course!Baby pod - erm, nope.

Yup, if you’re worried that the whale music isn’t getting through your stomach to you unborn child prodigy, why not invest in the first intravaginal speaker system – Babypod?


Let’s stop there shall we?

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