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Yet another busy week in digital and here are the articles that caught my attention.

As the battle for “moments” and “micro-moments” continues, Google unveiled its latest ad product innovation in the form of Real Time Ads. Designed to tie ad messages with, events, such as the lucrative Superbowl, the platform will let advertisers push updated ads out across YouTube and other parts of the Google ad network, at specific times. Given Twitter’s foray into Promoted Moments, I’m sure we’re be seeing a similar product from Facebook soon.

Buzzfeed native adsSticking with ads, this week the ASA penalised Buzzfeed for not making clear that a native ad from Dylon was paid advertising. Specific guidance on the wording to accompany a native d (why aren’t we calling these advertorials BTW?)  is currently lacking, so there is an expectation on the ASA to clarify this quickly.

There’s also the broader point of whether this matters much. Surely the best native ad is one that feels like genuinely good content? Paid for, or not.

Twitter has been experiencing a tough time in the press and on the stock market, as it’s share price dropped bellow $20, but Paul Fabretti wrote a great piece about why we need to show a little more lover for Twitter.

I don’t think we’re in any threat of losing Twitter any time soon, and hopefully, they’ll be moving into profitability some time this year. Their metrics are certainly going the right way, the market just wants it faster.


SAScon 2016 planningIt’s  only 145 days to go until this year’s SAScon event, planning is in full flow for a great program of content. We’ve already unveiled two brilliant keynotes to accompany the Super Early Bird tickets launch, and there’s plenty more to come.

We’ll be making a few important changes for the events 7th year, including, but not limited to:

  • Moving back to two streams from three, based on attendee feedback…you were spoiled for choice, apparently.
  • An exciting (if a little nerve-racking) “unconference” area.
  • A new venue for the social…but it’ll still be o the Thursday night.

Right, that’s it for this week?

You want something else? Well, if you like The Walking Dead and own a Google Cardboard – go enjoy this VR tour of Alexandria.

You’re welcome

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