Five things twitter should do before extending the character limit

If you believe the hype that twitter is considering a move to a 10,000 character limit, per tweet (why that number?), you might wonder if this is the most important thing they should be considering. I polled some followers on what they’d rather see changed on twitter.

Twitter account switching on mobile
Switching account in twitter mobile app
  1. Developer, Andy Fairbairn, suggested a better mute function, to avoid the feed becoming full of replies. Taking this one step further…
  2. …I’d personally like to see the option to mute hashtags for a set period (e.g. 24 hours) for topics I’m not interested in. #Eurovision would be a great example. I’m sure twitter must lose users for chunks of time, while large events like this dominate their feeds.*
  3. Account switching is still pretty clunky on web-based twitter. Why can’t they implement the simple process used in the mobile apps?
  4. Bring back the damn instagram integration. It’s been over three years since twitter stopped showing instagram images in twitter feeds, because of obvious rivalry.
    Get over it.
    The users want it, and instagram has already overtaken you anyway.
  5. Finally, Dan Bell @ Big Brand Ideas, want’s better feed optimisation to see more from the people he follows and fewer ads

What do you think? Did I miss anything? Do you want the Twitter 10,000 character limit?

*Yes, I know you can do that in some third-party apps, like tweetdeck, but we don;t have that on Android any more.

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