iPhone sales falter, Twitter loses Execs, Glass loses its voice, Google prepares for AMP, Northerners won awards – AWD

We’re heading into earnings call season again, an Apple kick started them with a rather lacklustre release including a forecasting for slowing iPhone sales.

Unsurprisingly, the share price has started a downwards journey and it’s interesting to note we could soon see Google’s (ok…Alphabet’s) Market Cap exceed Apple’s in the coming weeks.

Google vs Apple Market Cap

In danger of there not being a bad news story about them this week, Twitter decided to exit five of their senior execs, as part of an ongoing re-structure. Jack Dorsey followed up the announcement with a rather pleasant commentary thanking the individuals for their contributions.

Speculation about the demise of Google Glass was further supported this week following the termination of it’s Social Media accounts. It’s possibly they could be going through a re-launch/re-branding exercise since a new version has been rumoured for a while. Alternatively they could have decided to de-prioritise the project to allocate resource of other up and coming areas, such as VR.

In other Google news, more details emerged on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)  the serving of lighter more mobile friendly web pages. It seems Google is working through the treatment of ads on optimised pages….surely they won’t want to disrupt a revenue stream?

Northern Digital AwardsFinally, last night saw the second Northern Digital Awards event in Leeds. It was a cracking night, compered by the iconic Clint Boon. You can see the full list of the winners here, and who is that dashing chap on the right?

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