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Jack Dorsey of twitter
Challenging times for Twitter

It was all about the numbers this week, and there were mixed results from Twitter on Wednesday as they announced their Q4 2015 performance. While revenue was up a healthy 48%, and losses were reduced, There was concern about the stagnating user base, which stalled or reduced, depending on whether you included SMS users. Q1 is typically a tougher quarter for the company so don’t expect any positivity until the second half of the year.

In the meantime, they’re rolled out the new algorithmic timeline with the aim of improving the user experience, but many are cyncial.

I’m personally upbeat about twitter since rising ad revenues could take the business into profit this financial year, providing they can successfully manage costs and avoid any deterioration in their user based…..but then I do own some TWTR stock.

In more upbeat news, Tech Nation and Nesta revealed a study showing the the UK’s digital industry is growing 32 percent faster than the general UK economy (that’ll be 32% growth the) with average salaries in the sector 36 percent higher.

While this growth won’t be a huge surprise to those within the industry, there is a cloud to this silver lining and that’s a the skills shortage.

This week saw Manchester Digital’s Skills Festival take place, including the results of the annual skills survey. Of note was the fact that 37% of businesses in the North West had turned away business due to a lack of talent, while one in 4 had outsourced work to other countries.

No surprise, that developers are the scarcest resource, but good sales and marketing talent is also difficult to find.

Right. time to go an enjoy the weekend!


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