A month with a Chromebook

My first week with a chromebook, had generally been a positive experience so how are thing shaping up a full month later?


  • I’m still loving the lightweight nature of the device coupled with the long battery life.
  • Speed is something that I’m continually impressed by. Whether it’s screen-grabbing and editing an image or editing a spreadsheet, the device is coping much faster that my (more expensive) Windows 10 laptop.
  • Everything just works well together. What I mean is, moving from an android phone to a chrome desktop (see below) and my Chromebook is pretty seamless. Google has really tweaked the synchronisation across devices.
  • I’ve also been carrying my chromecast around do present over WI-FI Sure you can do this with other laptops but it feels more “chromey”
  • Finally, I’ve noticed I’m using my tablet less. Possibly because the chromebook is so light, I’m taking that everywhere instead.
Chromebook vs. Nexus 7 with keyboard
Chromebook vs. Nexus 7 with keyboard


  • The downside to the small device size means
    Installing chrome OS on an old Dell PC
    Installing chrome OS on an old Dell PC

    I’m hunching over more when I use the small keyboard and this has been giving me neck and back ache. I’ve partially off-set this by keeping a mouse with me but that’s extra baggage. In addition I’ve just converted an old Dell home PC to Chrome OS using CloudReady from neverware. So I now have a Chrome desktop and use the chromebook when out and about.

  • Offline content – technically Google Drive synchronizes  documents to be available offline, and I’ve enabled Gmail offline too, but I find there are delays opening and editing docs.
  • Google Slides – while it’s fine for the creation of my own presentations, I’ve noticed a few compatibility issues when converting and editing PowerPoint. Surely we just need people to stop using PowerPoint 😉

To summarize, I’ve no regrets about the move to Chromebook and wish I’d done it sooner

Now I wonder what I can do with these old smart phones?

Old smartphones
My old smartphones


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