SAScon keynotes – pure self-indulgence

SAScon will celebrate seven years this June and we’ve been lucky to have brought bucket loads of great speakers together, including some amazing keynotes.

Robert Scoble - one of the Keynotes for SAScon 2016
Robert Scoble – SAScon 2016 keynote

We’ve just announced that, renowned futurist, Robert Scoble will Keynote this year, alongside the inimitable Marty Weintraub and the legendary Jim Banks, so the 2016 line-up is looking damn good.

So how do we choose the event keynotes?

I’ll let you into a little secret – it’s pure self-indulgence.

When the SAScon team discussed the line-up for our first event back in 2010 (in the bar at Dukes 92 if you’re interested) we chose speakers that we wanted to heard from. The hope was that other members of our community would appreciate them too.

The event has more than tripled in size so we must be doing something right.

My selfie with Larry Kim
My selfie with Larry Kim

Over the past 6 years I’ve had the pleasure of introducing great presenters including, but certainly not limited to:

  • WordPress Co-founder Mike Little
  • Bruce Daisley (twice!) when he was at YouTube and then MD of Twitter
  • Aleyda Solis – SEO legend
  • Mobile Marketing evangelist, Cindy Krum
  • Larry Kim – Founder and CTO of Wordstream including a gratuitous selfie)

We’ve one more Keynote to announce for June, who I’m sure will be well received, but who should we be inviting next year?


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