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Ok, so Google hasn’t dropped all its ads but it is dropping text ads from the right-handed side of the SERPs and they are killing off comparison ads. The company is clearly making too much money and need to slow down the revenues 😉

In all serious this appears to be a fairly dramatic move, although I appreciate only  low percentage of advertisers will be affected, and the Google results page is looking pretty bare on a desktop.

No more Google ads on RHS
No more Google ads on RHS

In order to improve the on-line experience for mobile users with slow connections, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) began rolling out this week. While I’m not a big fan of the project I don’t want to lose search rankings and have followed Yoast’s simple instructions for deploying AMP on WordPress. It only took 5 minutes so I heartily recommend it.

Meanwhile, the once great search giant Yahoo inches closer to a sale with potential suitors stepping forward. If the coverage is be believed there is a serious rift between Marissa Mayer and the investors on the board which will make a sale process complicated. Indeed there is speculation that the CEO could be leading a buyout of the core business.

Robert Scoble to keynote at SASconMeanwhile, location company Foursquare is pushing on with it’s attribution product to help marketers better measure the offline impact of their campaigns in stores. This is great new for retailers, but we must be mindful that it will be limited by the 4sq user base which was last reported as 60 million globally, therefore only useful to large brands in the US.

Closer to home… this week we confirmed that renowned futurist, Robert Scoble, would be delivering a keynote session at this year’s SAScon which is damn exciting. Robert will join confirmed keynotes Jim Banks and Marty Weintraub in Manchester for the 7th year of the event.

<BLATANT PLUG> Early Bird tickets are still available, but full-price kicks in after the 1st April! </BLATANT PLUG>

Finally, here’s a bit of fun. If you’ve got an android app and aren’t satisfied with 2D doodle’s then Inkspace is for you. It’s an android experiment that users the phones gyroscope and allows to do develop 3D doodles.

You’re welcome.


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