From Tech North to… erm, working with northern tech companies.

Is this thing still on?

Wow…my last post was May 2016! I must have been busy.

TBH, I’ve spent more time on LinkedIn, Twitter and the Tech North blog, so there hasn’t really been a need to post personally.

Now that Tech North and Tech City have evolved into Tech Nation I’ve stepped away to get more involved with a number of early-stage digital businesses. For now, that consists of non-exec director roles with, Fluid Digital and Ruler Analytics, where I’m advising on a variety of topics to help them scale.

All three are fascinating businesses for completely different reasons:

Liverpool-based Ruler is addressing the marketer’s continuing challenge of sales attribution, at a price point that’s affordable to all.

Fluid is a fast-growing digital commerce agency that has a laser focus on retail and it’s a great opportunity to share my agency experience., HQ in my university city of Hull, has pioneered a new video ad format for mobile that dramatically outperforms the larger networks like YouTube, GDN and Facebook.

If you want to know more about those businesses or think they could help you out, just drop me a line.

Along with the other founders, we took the decision to call time on SAScon, so that gives me even more time to look at some new ventures.

I’m pondering a variety of subjects, from scaling teams and work culture, to fund-raising and lead generation. That should give you an idea of the kind of content you’re likely to see me writing about in the future.

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