What I’ve been reading this month – #WorldBookDay

Since it’s World Book Day I thought I’d share some of the business literature I’ve been reading over the past week weeks. Ok…one or two might have been audiobooks, but that still counts, right?

You’ll notice a theme around leadership and company culture in these books since it’s a topic very close to my heart.

Let’s start with Satya Nadella’s Hit Refresh, a story about the third Microsoft CEO’s first few years in the role and how he has been changing the mindset within the business, specifically focussing on empathy.

The next three are quick reads, and complement each other since they are part of a series. While not the most in-depth writings on management and leadership, they are quick to read and instantly actionable.

The New One Minute Manager is the original 1970s book updated for the current workplace, and covers the three “secrets” – one-minute goals, one-minute praisings, and one-minute re-directs, formerly reprimands. You can complete this book in about 45 minutes, but it’s helpful to re-read occasionally.

The same can be said of Leadership and the One Minute Manager, a book I’ve re-visited at least a dozen times. Building on the foundations of the first book, this time Mr Blanchard introduces the concept of situational leadership. Without giving too much away it explains how to adapt your management style to different types of individuals, and yup….there’s a few matrices in there!

The third book, The One Minute Manager meets the Monkey, is an alternative look at delegation. it’s a tad repetitive (which is pretty shocking for such a flimsy book) so don’t worry if you give up halfway…you’ll appreciate the gist of it.

We end with Extreme Ownership from ex-Navy Seal’s Jocko Willink and Lief Babin. Despite the heavy macho feel of the prose (which is compounded by the author’s narration on the audiobook) there are some golden lessons here. It’s not simply about leadership from the top, but ownership of challenges at all levels of an organisation. I cringed at times when I recognised some of my own behaviours addressed. This is a MUST-read for anyone in business.

I always on the lookout for recommendations, so please leave some in the comments…I’ve just started on The Alliance, as suggested by Tim Langley.

P.S. –  I don’t just read business books…you can follow me on Goodreads to the more lighthearted stuff I’m consuming.

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